Reldor OÜ

Address: Lao 8, Pärnu, Eesti

Registration number: 10929760

Email: motell@reldor.ee

Telephone: 5138557

The terms and conditions are valid for Reldor OÜ motel (address Lao 8, Pärnu, Estonia) and for guest apartments (address Papiniidu 13, Pärnu, Estonia).


The rooms can be booked 24 h from our website (www.reldor.ee/majutus) and from an automatic station on site. 100% prepayment is required when booking the rooms. The payment is made with a credit card or via a bank link in the internet environment or with a bank card in the on-site automatic stations.
Payment via internet (Visa, Mastercard)
After the formalisation of the order, the customer is directed to the secure environment of Nets Estonia AS for the performance of the payment. A pre-filled payment order with the payable sum is displayed for the customer. After entering the number of the card, the security code (a three-digit code at the back of the card) and the card validity time, Nets Estonia authorises the transaction in the bank of the customer.

The bank card data is asked by using the SSL security protocol and the MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by Visa security programs which assure that the exchanged information cannot be viewed or changed by unauthorised persons.


The rooms are available for you on the day of arrival from 14.00 and until 12.00 on the day of departure.
In case of a longer period of accommodation, we can agree upon interim cleanings.


Bookings up to 7 nights can be cancelled free of charge one day before the arrival until 12:00. In case of later cancellation on no-show, the charge of the first night will be charged.
All cancellations should be done either through our website contact form, by sending the email to address motell@reldor.ee or by calling to our front desk number +372 513 8557. Please refer to the booking number, type of payment, and if needed the bank account number, name of bank for the refund.
Long-term accommodation and group bookings have different cancellation terms and these will be agreed separately.


Good practices and procedure rules are observed in the accommodation facility. When ignoring these rules, you may be required to leave the hotel immediately. Nevertheless, you still have to pay the price of accommodation and the ordered additional services and you are not entitled to require the repayment of the already paid sums.
It is strictly forbidden to smoke indoors.
You must assure that your guests leave the apartment at least by 23.00 and the quiet hours are between 23.00–06.00.
No pets are allowed in guest rooms.
It is forbidden to give the apartment or the motel room to third persons and accommodate more persons there than allowed by the maximum number of beds.
The customers must observe the fire safety, maintenance, house and general behavior rules. In case of the misbehavior or disturbance of the quiet hours, please call 1911 (G4S) or 112 (Emergency number).
The customer is liable for intentional damages or damages caused by negligence (e.g., as the result of smoking) which are caused to the accommodation facility or other rooms, the furniture or furnishings within those rooms or to other customers of the accommodation facility or their property by the customers themselves, their guests.
The liability for damages is determined based on general terms and conditions for indemnifying the damages.


The customer is liable for his/her luggage and property left in the accommodation facility.

The accommodation facility is not liable for the damages caused to or the loss of vehicles located on the parking area.